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Experience the Art of Truly Holistic Skincare at Island Spirit Spa

We only use organic and natural whole plant ingredients free of fillers and additives to craft a robust, results-oriented facial.

Our botanical deep cleansing facials begin with a private skincare analysis.

Your experienced esthetician will then customize a super-blend of biodynamic ingredients to achieve your optimal results.

Awaken your younger side. Discover your natural beauty.


Living handcrafted & raw skincare products made from fresh herbs & fruit are used to deliver high levels of nourishment to your skin.

Special massage techniques are integrated.

Fruit enzyme peel (and extractions as needed) leaves the skin clean and glowing. Good for all skin types, especially acne and sensitive skin. Detoxifying, hydrating and exfoliating.

60 min. $ 165
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Replenish your skin with a fresh Hawaiian cocktail of Coconut, Kukui nut oil and powerful Herbal Anti-oxidants.

This facial mask will perfectly hydrate your skin, soothing fine lines and wrinkles. As the visible effects of urban living melt away, enjoy firm skin that radiantly glows.

Suggested Add-On Treatment:  Isun Honey Goji Berry Exfoliant Peel

60 min. $ 145
Call & Book Now – (808) 769-5212


A deep pore cleansing facial to balance oily skin and calm and clarify acne-prone complexions. Deeply cleansing and purifying, this facial treatment uses Herbal steam and extraction to rebalance all skin types, ensuring a visible reduction of excess oil and impurities.

Our luxurious herbal scrubs, and Moroccan Clay to exfoliate dead skin cells softly and stimulate the growth of new ones. This cleanse deeply rejuvenates as it simultaneously leaves the skin silky-soft and radiant.

Suggested Add-On Treatment: High Frequency or Peel treatment

60 min. $145
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A resilient regenerating facial created to deliver noticeable results for maturing skin. A superb facial for stressed and mature skin.

This treatment accesses the benefits of many highly effective Tropical Fruits and Herbal Extracts for an uplifting facial treatment that offers unsurpassed energy, as the surface and deeper skin layers recharge with vitality.

Hot and cold Po’haku stones are added for deep circulation. Beyond anything you have experienced before in facials and skin treatments.

Suggested Add-On Treatment: Bright Eye Peptide treatment.

75 min. $ 165
Call & Book Now – (808) 769-5212


A luxurious botanical facial with generous massage.

This firming facial treatment draws from the benefits of Hawaiian Kukui nut, Rose and Jasmine oils as well as Mango and Coconut, Herbal Vitamins and Anti-oxidants.

We apply the rich blend and continue to soothe you with a warming décolleté and neck and scalp massage, concentrating on the areas most affected by the aging process.

Suggested Add-On Treatment: Cucumber Rose or Peptide eye treatment.

90 min. $ 185
Call & Book Now – (808) 769-5212


Using pure fresh aloe, cucumber and chamomile, compresses drenched in aloe will be layered over a cooling mask to calm the skin that has been overexposed to the sun and to help restore hydration, your skin will feel noticeably soothed.

A light massage with chilled facial stones completes this facial. Hand or foot massage is included. This is a great choice for sunburned or sensitive skin.

90 min. $ 185
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Wild crafted herbs and Hawaiian honey are infused into the handmade skincare products created for this facial that has all your senses engaged.

The skin is cleansed and exfoliated gently as the enzymes from the herbs and honey deeply hydrate and soothe you into relaxation. Massage of the Face, neck, and shoulders is included.

To dive deeper into relaxation try the longer version of this facial called the “The Pure Raw Organic Facial.”

45 min. $ 115
Call & Book Now – (808) 769-5212


A refreshing facial performed without extractions to compliment a healthy skincare routine.

True Express includes a thorough cleanse, Herbal exfoliation, soothing treatment mask, and neck and shoulder massage.

Add-On to any massage or spa body treatment.

FOR TEENS: includes extractions.

30 min. $ 85
Call & Book Now – (808) 769-5212


Skin damage from your shave routine or the sun can’t be fixed with the soap and water you use every day. Redness fades, but the underlying problems don’t.

In fact, probably more than the ladies, guys need facials, thanks to their coarser skin, larger pores, and increased chance of sun damage. (Oh yeah, we are usually more likely to skip out on using sunscreen, too.)

Consider this the 3-point case for treating your face to a facial.

60 min. $145
Call & Book Now – (808) 769-5212


For details go to Acupuncture Page

60 min. $ 180
Call & Book Now – (808) 769-5212


An entire facial experience made exclusively for your back. A fantastic seasonal treat of cleansing, exfoliation, and masque application for your hard working back.

Purify those hard-to-reach areas for a smoother, even tone skin.

45 min. $ 115 | 60 min. $ 145
Call & Book Now – (808) 769-5212

Powerful, Organic Facial Skincare Products

Our signature holistic facials are custom tailored to restore vibrant healthy skin. We use our signature skincare line from OmPur and ISun as well as our very own organic skincare products made of concentrated botanicals, alpha hydroxys, raw enzymes and antioxidant-rich serums to revitalize, regenerate, and renew the complexion.

Enjoy these wonderful fully customized organic facials that start with soothing steam and deep pore cleansing, followed by exfoliation, extractions if needed, and specially combined mask. While your mask sets, relax with a neck & shoulders massage.

Our longer facials include customized facial massage, hand or foot massage or both, and scalp massage. Toner, serum, and moisturizer are then applied leaving you with a glowing refreshed complexion.


Slow down and stretch out your facial experience with an additional treatment.

They can be added based on each individual’s skin care type and goals. Products also can be substituted depending on your skin care needs.

Bright Eye Peptide Treatment ~ A wonderful add-on to hydrate & nourish this sensitive area.

Sun Relief Fresh Aloe Treatment

High Frequency  or Galvanic Treatment

Gemstones or Hot & Cold Stone Treatment

Extractions or Peels

10 min. ~ $ 20


Bikini Wax 45 min ~ $ 70 | Bikini “Light” 35 min ~ $50 | Brazilian Wax 75 min ~$95 | Brazilian “Light” 45 min  ~ $70  | Brow Shape 20 min ~ $ 28 | Brow Clean 15 min ~ $ 20 | Upper Lip 15 min ~ $ 18 | Chin 15 min ~  $18 | Lip & Chin Combo 20 min ~  $30  | Full Face wax 50-75 min ~  $80–$130 | Underarm 20 min ~  $ 30 | Underarm “Light” 15 min ~  $20| Full Arm 60 min ~  $ 85 | Half Arm 40 min ~  $ 45 | Full Leg 75 min ~  $ 95 | Half Leg 30-40 min ~  $ 50-$70 | Full Back 60 min ~  $ 95 | Shoulders 40 min ~  $ 50  | Buttocks 30 min ~  $ 50 |  Stomach 20 min ~  $ 25

* Most waxing services include a cooling Aloe treatment

        * For a small additional fee you can add topical CBD to your service

* Most services are also available for Men

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Eyelash Tinting 30 min ~ $45
Eyebrow Tinting 30 min  ~ $40

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