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Start each day peaceful and calm. Energy Medicine is a proven technique that helps restore, balance and harmonize your body-mind connection.

Full healing services on Big Island of Hawaii

  • We use holistic techniques and other natural approaches to help you achieve balance and harmony in your life.
  • Use our energy therapy and healing services to start feeling the peace & calm you deserve to have each and every day.

Energy Modalities & Gentle Structural Therapy

Heart Health


Promotes healing and reduces stress. Increase your life force energy for a healthy, happy life.
45 min. $ 95 | 60 min. $ 120


Energy has 5 different natures. This technique helps to balance internal energy to allow for better well being.
45 min. $ 95 | 60 min. $ 120

CranioSacral Therapy

Releases restrictions in the craniosacral system and improves the function of the central nervous system.
45 min. $ 95 | 60 min. $ 120 | 90 min. $ 165

Cranial Core Distortion Release

What is Cranial Core Distortion Release?

Gentle yet powerful techniques articulating the structure of the cranium to bring movement & balance to the body at the deepest level possible

How is the technique performed?

By using very gentle yet firm, pressure on bones in the head we can actually release and subtly move stuck joints that probably have been stuck since birth.

This process has helped many people with all kinds of issues, from scoliosis, low back pain, headaches, tight neck & shoulders and much more.

Everybody is different and your results will be perfect for you. It depends on how much the core distortion has been affecting your body, but everybody receives benefit.
60 min. $ 140

Amethyst Bio-Mat

Amethyst Bio-Mat ~ An Advanced Healing Tool

The Bio-Mat delivers soothing, deep-penetrating infra-red heat while stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells in your body.

More benefits: treats chronic pain, promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress and improves sleep and mood.
Single visit: 30 min. $ 40 | 45 min. $ 55 | 60 min. $ 70.
Sauna-Setting add $ 15 (includes shower) …this is a great way to detox!
Add-On to any service $ 30.
Packages available: 4 sessions with 20% off

Get Your Energy Flowing Today

Contact us now at our Kona healing center to get your treatment and start feeling renewed. We’ll be ready to make your day as soon as you get here. We also offer Hypnotherapy & Guided Meditation.

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