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Ra Nah’s was so well received when she was here in January that she has returned for 1 week. As many of you know from living here on the Big Island, plans change. Ra Nah is returning to the Big Island  from February 16th to the 25th before she heads out to the continue her international tour.

I highly encourage you to take advantage of her return and spend some time with her. The Gift is one of personal transformation and healing.

Private sessions at Island Spirit Spa

February 16th – 28th

Investment: $150 for 90 minutes

Rev. Ra Nah is the founder of the Healing Center of Light begins her 2017 International Workshop Tour on the Big Island of Hawaii. The tour will include retreats, meditation gatherings, and intensive workshops hosted by Rev. Ah Nah in different locations throughout the United States and abroad.

Rev. Ah Nah is an ordained minister of Self-Ascension and interfaith Ministry who has been practicing and advancing energy-healing techniques for over sixteen years. Ah Nah assists with one’s discovery of the underlying causes to any pain or discomfort in one’s life and/or body-mind state. This process is guided to ensure that it is safe, gentle, and non-invasive.

Workshop February 25th
4pm to 9:30pm
Investment is: $80.00

This will take place on Saturday February 25th at the Island Spirit Spa
located at 81-6587 Hawai’i Belt Rd  Suite B 101, Kealakekua, HI

Cost is $80.

Participants at the retreat will be guided through the meaning and understanding of the Mastery of Life. Healing transformations are accomplished by the creation of a safe and supportive energetic environment, Ah Nah’s guidance and the meditative sound of a singing bowl. Aligning with the individual requirements of each attendee, we will facilitate a life-changing healing effect for all.

To sign up for the workshop call 609-273-0856

Private Healing sessions with Ra Nah will be available at Island Spirit Spa. Sessions are available by appointment Monday thru Friday February 16 to February 25th between the hours of 10am and 6pm. Sessions last up to 2 hours and are $150. you can schedule your appointment by calling 609-273-0856 or email

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